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What do I do?

If you’ve looked around my website, you’ve probably got a general idea of what I do as a virtual assistant. Yes, I generally work from home. And yes, I specialize in the broad areas of communications and administration. But I do a LOT of different things, depending on what my clients need on any given day. Most virtual assistants are the same – some are highly specialized and provide one or two primary services, but most provide a wide array of services, depending on what they did in previous careers and what their current clients need.

I thought I’d shine a bit of light on what I do on a daily basis by summarizing what I’ve done as a virtual assistant during the past couple months, broken down into five general categories:

Writing and editing:

· Researched and created content for a marketing brochure

· Wrote a media release and created boilerplate copy

· Advised on content and format for an online application package

· Provided an end-of-project summary report including recommendations for next steps

· Created various technical instruction sheets

· Edited and proofread various documents and web content


· Created and sent out email blasts

· Imported contacts into MailChimp

· Researched and advised on the best billing option for an e-newsletter account

Website management:

· Updated various website content (WordPress, Wix)

· Created new web pages (WordPress, Wix)

· Advised on pros and cons on various website platforms (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy)

· Edited web page metadata to improve SEO and Facebook posts

· Got a website verified by Google and submitted the site for indexing

Social media:

· Was community manager for an organization – monitored, scheduled, posted, responded, interacted, grew followers on various social media platforms

· Created a new business page on Facebook

· Created and edited subtitles on videos (Facebook, YouTube)

General administration:

· Sorted and cleaned up data in Excel

· Managed an organization’s email account and responded to emails

· Set up email forwarding (Gmail)

· Created basic graphics for social media and web pages

· Created shared folders on Google Drive

· Used a client’s credit card to set up automated online payments

· Created a Freshbooks account, including templates, and issued invoices

· Set up a LastPass account to securely share online passwords

· Attended a webinar on behalf of a client and provided a summary and recommendations based on the content

As you can see, my clients trust me with a variety of tasks – things they don’t enjoy, things they aren’t experts in, things they want a second opinion on before their customers see them, and most often, things they just don’t have time for.

Curious about what I might be able to help YOU with? Ask yourself this: What tasks need to be done to run my business that:

  1. I don’t like doing,

  2. I’m not an expert in, or

  3. I find to be a waste of time?

Start there.

My years working as administrative and executive assistants in various industries, and my years working in both corporate communications and public relations, have given me a lot of different skills. Let me use them to help you!

As I always say, you’re the business expert and I’m the communications and administrative expert. Let me relieve you of the tasks you’re not the expert in – it’ll save you time, money, and possibly headaches.

Ready to chat about how I may be able to help you take your business to the next level? Contact me!

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