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You're the business expert; I'm the communications expert. I can help plan, write, edit, format and proofread almost any document or web page. Templates and FAQs make me happy. Typos make me cringe. Knowing your audience is key. Let me help you fine tune your writing.

Let's take your communications to the next level!


I have experience in corporate communications and public relations, and I’m a natural at tailoring any piece of writing to a specific audience. Let me help you create effective communications that leave a positive impression.

Here are some tasks you may want my help with:

  • Drafting blog posts, emails, announcements, social media posts, media releases, instructions

  • Editing articles, reports, stories, posters, ads, product descriptions, web content

  • Proofreading or formatting any piece of writing or document and readying it for distribution

  • Testing web links and checking facts

  • Creating templates for various documents you use frequently

  • Reviewing translations into English or web content

  • Creating a style guide for your business for future writers and editors to use


I have held positions as writer, copyeditor and proofreader for multiple organizations in various industries, and my grammar, spelling and punctuation are excellent – I’ve even been called “Eagle Eyes” by past team members because of my ability to catch the smallest of writing errors.


The services I provide can improve your customer and employee relations, as well as your public image.


I can be contracted for just a single project or for ongoing work, depending on what sort of help you need. That’s one benefit of hiring me as a virtual assistant – you only pay for the work you give me, and there’s no expectation of ongoing work.


For more information about working with me, check out these FAQs. But more importantly, let’s chat!

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