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I love to set up processes that increase efficiency. I'm a tech whiz, and I'll give you tips to help you manage your time-consuming administrative tasks. Or, just hand those tasks to me and I'll have them checked off before you go for a second cup of coffee.

If you think you might need administrative help but you’re not sure exactly what that might look like, ask yourself this: “What’s one task I have to do regularly to run my business but hate doing?”


Here are some tasks you may want to unload onto my plate:

  • Readying documents for distribution (formatting, editing, proofreading)

  • Managing spreadsheets

  • Updating contact lists and databases

  • Creating and sending out invoices

  • Migrating information from one system to another

  • Creating or filling out online forms

  • Submitting expense reports

  • Typing up meeting minutes or other notes

  • Onboarding new employees/contractors

  • Ordering business cards or other supplies

  • Advising on technology to help streamline your processes


I’ve got over 10 years of experience working in administration at all levels of organizations, leaving me multi-talented, detail-oriented and super efficient.


The services I provide can free you up to run your business, saving you time and money.


I can be contracted for just a few hours or for longer periods of time, depending on what sort of help you need. That’s one benefit of hiring me as a virtual assistant – you only pay for the work I do, and there’s no expectation of ongoing work.


For more information about working with me, check out these FAQs. And let’s chat!

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