I love to set up processes that increase efficiency. I'm a tech whiz, and I'll give you tips to help you manage your time-consuming administrative tasks. Or, just hand those tasks to me and I'll have them checked off before you go for a second cup of coffee.

If you think you might need administrative help but you’re not sure exactly what that might look like, ask yourself this: “What’s one task I have to do regularly to run my business but hate doing?”


Here are some tasks you may want to unload onto my plate:

  • Readying documents for distribution (formatting, editing, proofreading)

  • Managing spreadsheets

  • Updating contact lists and databases

  • Creating and sending out invoices

  • Migrating information from one system to another

  • Creating or filling out online forms

  • Submitting expense reports

  • Typing up meeting minutes or other notes

  • Onboarding new employees/contractors

  • Ordering business cards or other supplies

  • Advising on technology to help streamline your processes


I’ve got over 10 years of experience working in administration at all levels of organizations, leaving me multi-talented, detail-oriented and super efficient.


The services I provide can free you up to run your business, saving you time and money.


I can be contracted for just a few hours or for longer periods of time, depending on what sort of help you need. That’s one benefit of hiring me as a virtual assistant – you only pay for the work I do, and there’s no expectation of ongoing work.


For more information about working with me, check out these FAQs. And let’s chat!


Providing practical assistance to take your business to the next level.